Is Boca excited? Corinthians no longer thinks about Matías Rojas and hired Rodrigo Garro

rang in Boca and it was also in the plans of River in several foreign exchange markets, but finally one of the great figures of Argentine soccer will play in Brazil. After polishing some details, Rodrigo Garro will leave Talleres and will be a new reinforcement for Corinthians.

The talented left-handed midfielder from the T, with whom he scored 12 goals and provided 17 assists in 81 games, will travel to San Pablo in the next few days to sign his four-year contract and be presented to society at the Timon.

The negotiation was closed in more than five million dollarswhich will represent an important income for the Matadorowner of 60% of your pass, and also for Institutewhich owns the other remaining 40%.

This way, The champion of the 2012 Copa Libertadores will have the midfielder he was looking for and, it seems, will open the exit door for Matías Rojaswho threatens to declare himself free of action if they do not regularize the payment of his salary and money for image rights.

The Paraguayan ex-Defensa and Racing, a team from which he left with the pass in his possession by not renewing his contract, did not have much prominence in Corinthians and he Xeneize follow your situation very closely.

If he does not continue in Timao, the institution chaired by Juan Román Riquelme will make an attempt to keep the left-handed player.

Garro, River’s executioner: the three goals he scored

The midfielder has already scored three goals against Millionaire, two at the Mario Alberto Kempes in Córdoba, for the 16th round of the Professional League, and the remaining one to eliminate in the 16th round. final of the Argentine Cup.

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