Estoril remains in a state of grace with a thrashing of Farense

Canarinhos end 2023 with a remarkable performance and results, beating the Algarve 4-0

It’s official: Estoril will really take with it the state of grace with which it has been finishing 2023, particularly in the months of November and December in which it began to string together successive victories for the League – and beyond, still finding itself in competition as well. in the Portuguese Cup and the League Cup – and added another rout, the third consecutive 4-0 at their home ground, Estádio António Coimbra da Mota, in the championship.

After Casa Pia and Desportivo de Chaves, the most recent victim was Farense, who only managed to keep the scoreless score for just over three minutes, until Rodrigo Gomes burst in from the right and served João Marques with a late pass for him to open the scoring. . The Algarve team even reacted well to the goal they conceded and contributed to a first quarter of an hour with chances from both sides, but were unable to rebalance the score.

While the Algarve lamented the wasted opportunities, Estoril remained confident and took the advantage just before the break, at 45+5′, through Tiago Araújo, well positioned on the wing to reload an attempted cut, in an effort , by Gonçalo Silva. You canarinhos They ended the first half scoring… and started the second in the same way, practically resolving the challenge.

After practically opening the challenge to score, João Marques opened the second half with a header, well served by Cassiano, and the difficulties in responding became more pronounced for Farense, who proved to be less effective than in the first half and defensively revealed difficulties in stopping the dynamics of Estoril’s attack, which in the 78th minute still scored a fourth and final goal.

Gonçalo Silva tried to remove the danger from his area, but the ball reached Raúl Parra, who didn’t miss the opportunity to receive it and truly shoot Ricardo Velho for the final 4-0 and new victory – the sixth in the last eight meetings – for Vasco Seabra’s men, who this afternoon played his 100th game in the League as head coach and once again had reasons to celebrate… and smile.

Canarinhos take advantage of rout numbers

To the two goals scored in the first half, Estoril added two more in the second half, thrashing Farense fairly and proving, for another week, one of the most notable moments of form at the moment in the Portuguese championship. The Canarinhos are doing well and are recommended and highlighted this, at the expense of the Algarvians.

Additional time: 3 minutes.

88′: Rodrigo Gomes he also tries to score his goal and, in fact, he wasn’t far away, having made a run and a shot that seemed well aimed, but this time Ricardo Velho managed to deny his intentions.

Attendance: 2,562 spectators.

84′: Michel was not far from the ideal debut, shooting quickly from an outside position, but just wide.

82‘: Triple replacement in Estorilwith the entry of Volnei Feltes, Michel Costa and Heriberto Tavares following the departure of Raúl Parra, Matthew Fernandes e João Marques.

78′: Golo do Estoril! Everything goes perfectly for the Canarinhos, who reach a rout by Raúl Parra, who was free in the Algarve area and had time and space to receive the ball and prepare it for a strong shot to reload an attempt to cut the ball. Gonçalo Silva.

71′: Replacement in Estorilas input from Koba Koindredi for the departure of Jordan Holsgrove.

70′: Marcelo Carné did not slow down his concentration and prevented the Farense entered the discussion on the marker with an excellent intervention that prevented Bruno Duarte appeared to deflect the goal in the small area.

68′: Replacement in Farenseas input from Fabrício Isidoro through the exit of Pastor.

61′: Double replacement in Farensewith the entry of Facundo Caseres and Elves Baldé to the starting positions Claudio Falcao e Mohamed Belloumi.

60′: Replacement in Estorilas the entry of Alejandro Marqués for the exit of Cassian.

54′: Yellow card for Pastor (Farense).

52′: O Estoril He feels encouraged by the result and the good performance and intends to go on to win: João Marquesdevilishly, puts the ball in handy and only a saving intervention by Talys Pereira, with a header, over the goal line prevented the 4-0.

47′: Golo do Estoril! Another offensive movement to record the Estorlista attack, this time carried out by Cassianwho left the reference post to watch – and with precision – João Marqueswho appeared as a striker to head the ball to make it 3-0.

The second part is now playing!

46′: Double replacement in Farensewith the entrances of Talys Pereira and Rui Costa through the exits of Talocha e Vítor Gonçalves.

Half-time: Imbalances on the wings give Estoril the advantage

At half-time, Estoril confirms the state of grace it is experiencing, with moments of good football that guarantee goals… and triumphs. In the first half against Farense, the Canarians scored twice, the first in the early stages by João Marques, well served by Rodrigo Gomes, and the second a few seconds before the break, by Tiago Araújo who, loose in the area, converted into The goal was a desperate cut attempt by defender Gonçalo Silva. Enjoyable game to follow so far.

45+5′: Golo do Estoril! Seconds before the break, the home team expanded and in a move that is characteristic of them, counting on an imbalance from Rafik Guitane on the right before crossing low with his right foot to the vicinity of the goal line, where Gonçalo Silva still deflects backwards, trying to avoid the goal, but the ball reached Tiago Araújowinger in offensive support who, well placed, shot for 2-0.

Additional time: 5 minutes.

39′: O Farense very close to equal! Corner taken from the right for a header Bruno Duartewhich collides with the chest of…a teammate before being lost along the baseline, right next to the left post.

30′: Yellow card for Jordan Holsgrove (Estoril).

30′: Mohamed Belloumi wasted no time in shooting from the right side, but the attempt went crooked and way over the top, without any danger to the home goal.

24′: Yellow card for Cláudio Falcão (Farense).

22′: Yellow card for Marcelo Carné (Estoril).

19′: Tiago Araújo makes an incursion to the left, as he appreciates, but doesn’t hit the cross, which in practice resulted in a weak shot and the figure of Ricardo Velho.

15′: Ball returns to the opposite half and is Vítor Gonçalves who is close to scoring, after a good combination, followed by an outside shot that went close to the left post of the Estoril goal.

12′: New tight defense Ricardo Velhothis time with a shot from the front area – slightly tilted to the left – by Tiago Araújo.

11′: New quality defense, this time against the opposite goal! Jordan Holsgrove had space to shoot from medium distance and Ricardo Velho saved with the tip of his glove for a corner.

8′: Great save from Marcelo Carné to deny equality! O Farense managed to do well at speed, beating the defenders of the Estorile Marco Matias It was already served in the small area for a shot from close range, saved by the Brazilian using his refined reflexes.

4′: Golo do Estoril! Just over three and a half minutes into the game and the Canarinhos opened the scoring, having bet on the speed and irreverence of Rodrigo Gomeswho won in the duel with Talocha and crossed low close to the baseline for the appearance and shot in the pass of João Marques.

1′: It only took nine seconds of play for the first shot to occur. Mattheus Oliveira, from a position still distant, didn’t ask for permission and tried to surprise Marcelo Carné, but the shot went wide and was controlled by the Estoril goalkeeper.

The match starts and Farense comes out to play!

There is a minute of silence in honor of Vítor Neves, former member and vice-president of the board of Estoril (club) and also administrator of Estoril SAD, recently deceased.

The two teams are already lined up on the field, both accompanied by special guests, elderly people wearing allusive white t-shirts.

Gray weather in Amoreira, but with no signs of rain and mild temperatures, which could positively influence the show. The stands are also reasonably well composed, allowing for between 2,500 and 3,000 spectators to be expected.

In the starting team of Estorilthe only novelty is the return of Jordan Holsgrovewho in the previous round had served a one-game suspension due to having been booked with a fifth yellow card in this edition of the Liga.

Farense substitutes: Luiz Felipe, Artur Jorge, Facundo Caseres, Elves Baldé, Rafael Barbosa, Talys Pereira, Fabrício Isidoro, Rui Costa and Cristian Ponde.

FARENSE: Ricardo Velho, PastorZach Muscat, Gonçalo Silva and Talocha; Cláudio Falcão, Vítor Gonçalves and Mattheus Oliveira; Mohamed Belloumi, Marco Matias (c) and Bruno Duarte.

Estoril substitutes: Dani Figueira, Volnei Feltes, Alexander Marquis, John Carlos, Eliaquim Mangala, Michel Costa, Wagner Pina, Koba Koindredi and Heriberto Tavares.

ESTORIL: Marcelo Carné, Raúl Parra, Pedro Alvaro e Bernardo Vital; Rodrigo Gomes, Jordan Holsgrove, Mateus Fernandes and Tiago Araújo; Rafik GuitaneJoão Marques and Cassian (c).

There are already initial teams!

The game will be refereed by Ricardo Baixinho, from AF Lisboa, assisted by Paulo Soares and Diogo Pereira. João Malheiro Pinto will be the fourth referee and Miguel Nogueira and Nuno Pires will be, respectively, VAR and AVAR.

Ingredients that contribute to a quality show, which A BOLA will follow closely. Stay with us and follow every detail of the match here!

On the side of Estorilthe injured Erick Cabaco and Alex Soares are the only ones unavailable, both due to injury – the Uruguayan suffered a serious knee injury and is expected to stop until the end of the season, while the Portuguese midfielder is recovering from a muscle problem in his thigh.

Estoril e Farense they will play their last match in 2023, hoping to continue their good phases – the Cascais Line emblem is going through a series of good results and has only lost one of the last matches played. For its part, Farense hasn’t won in two games, but has drawn the last two and can isolate themselves in seventh place in the table if they can at least score at Amoreira.

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